@BBCqt Mehdi Hassan lost credibility by calling for positive discrimination on Sports personality of the year

Mehdi Hassan sounded quite good, until he called for positive discrimination based on the poorest example of sex discrimination.

Some female member of the audience re-raised the absurd complaint that the BBC “Sports Personality of the Year” program didn’t have a female choice.

The complaint is on par with insisting that all sporting events be open to both sexes.

Mehdi’s taking up the banner and calling for positive discrimination would not only mean an end to sex differentiated contests (e.g. Wimbledon’s women’s single’s championship) but, then, would have to compound the folly by having male competitors subject to some sort of handicapping, such as the lead weights carried by racehorses.

The BBC “Sports Personality of the Year” program is meant to be a popularity contest for those who are Sport’s fans.

Whilst one has to admit that almost all sports have players and supporter’s of both sexes and one has to admit that some women Sports personalities are very popular, one has to keep in mind that voting is based on popularity and the number of people who reflect that popularity.

Consider Tennis. Consider the number of people who enjoy it and divide that into the number of Tennis personalities to get their share of votes.

The likes of Sharapova may have a large following of, mainly, men but these men include, for example, Man.Utd. fans, who are more likely to vote for Rooney.

The likes of Nadal will have,mainly, women fans, who will be voting for a Nadal, who is a man.

Consider Cricket, which I personally abhor.

This has a very large following amongst men, who will almost entirely vote for whichever England player has captured the glory of any England success. E.g. Flintoff.

My own sporting preference is football, specifically Liverpool Football Club.

In the unlikely event that the men’s England football team won the World Cup, I’d be voting for any Liverpool member of the squad. I would not vote for a member of The England Women’s football team, even though they seem to be playing quite well (against other female teams).

In summary, most sports fans are men.

Most supported sports personalities are, by the nature of the sports, men.

How can anyone, with any credibility, call for positive discrimination in this particular arena?


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