What have we gained from being in Europe that we didn’t have in Commonwealth trade

Europhiles are saying we should not be on the fringe of Europe, or isolated from it.

A quick check of the map says we are on the fringe and we are isolated.

Our History books tell us that this was thankfully so and has been for nearly 1000 years.

In fact, it was this physical isolation that has protected us from becoming part of a European Superpower, not so long ago.

I voted against joining The Common Market, because it meant rejecting the Commonwealth Trade and because I was not happy about the protectionist policies of The Common Market.

I was surprised when the result was a yes Vote, because most people I knew were still strongly supportive of maintaining ties with the countries which had supported us in the War.

I only found out about butter mountains and wine lakes later.

I was sickened by the destruction of our fisheries, which for many, at the time, was Britain’s main source of protein (chicken was still a luxury item for Xmas dinner), with Mutton in second place (now the French eat ours and Antipodean lamb is sent to Japan).

I can’t recall much coming out of Europe that has made or lives better and I have yet to be convinced that it is membership of Europe that has protected us from a European War.

Come to think of it what could the Franco-German alliance have achieved through War that they haven’t already achieved by our signing away our rights in a succession of treaties?

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