Bankers get bonuses, railway workers get bribes

The Railway workers have been bribed to ensure that they don’t cause any disruption during the 2012 Olympics, according to the Taxpayers’ Alliance. Words such as Ransom and bullying have been applied to the arrangements that are meant to ensure that this Jamboree runs smoothly and makes money for investors.

The Olympics do not depend on the railway workers (unless they are competing). The ability to make a profit does. When bankers are paid extra to ensure profits, it is referred to as a bonus that must be paid to prevent competitors muscling in and to reward those with special skills.

Why aren’t the miserly payments being made to railway workers, to ensure that they apply their special skills to create profit, being referred to as bonuses?

As Sir Keith Joseph said, during Maggie’s rule, it’s carrots for the bosses and sticks for the workers.


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