NHS choice (virtual) means three clinics can refuse me an appointment.

I was recently advised by my doctor (or rather his locum) that I might have Conn’s syndrome and recommended that I see a specialist in endocrinology. He asked if I wanted private but, not being rich I said NHS.

Instead of receiving an appointment, I received a letter about CHOOSING which clinc I would attend, for this preliminary screening.

Choosing the nearest, I entered my details and password, only to be told that they were fully booked up. I tried the next nearest and they were booked up. I went for the option of asking the nearest one to contact me about an appointment.

I was informed that they must contact me by 5th December (i.e. 1 working week).

Fantastic!!!  Under the bad old system, I would have got an appointment in a year’s time, which I could have complained to my MP about.

Under the new pre-privatisation system I have a choice of three places, so I can’t complain about a specific place and I can be fobbed off with the old pass the parcel routine.

Choice, in the NHS, is a wonderful way for politicians to claim that they are making an effort to improve the NHS, whilst actually degrading it.

Why are three clinics so over-booked, when Politicians are claiming that the NHS is awash with extra funding?

I suspect that if I dig into my savings and ask for a private consultation, these same three tax-payer funded NHS clinics will find an appointment within a week.

I will wait for my reply, then ask how much I have to bung my local pre-privatisation NHS trust to get NHS funded treatment, privately.


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