Gov’t encouraging pension funds to take on riskier ventures?

It would be interesting to know what the infrastructure projects are, which The Government has announced as being the lifeline being thrown to pension investment funds.

The only infrastructure projects announced are the building of new Toll roads and Rail links.

If these are the intended projects, then the logical line of thought is that The Tory party sponsors are not too keen on investing in them, until they have been proven a success.

So the pension funds of the wage slaves will be used to build these schemes and take the risks involved, whilst the big boys sit by ready to swoop in and buy up these projects should they prove profitable.

Short term, the Government is raising unemployment and shipping more of our remaining industries abroad (Avionics and Rail being latest to be dismembered).

This means less people travelling to work, less goods being ferried and so less traffic.

Great for easing congestion but worrying for those investing in road and rail.

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