tobacco becoming more criminalised than pot, although shares the same dangers.

The danger from cigarettes lies not in the nicotine, a highly addictive drug but one which temporarily improves brain function by improving the ability to focus, but in the Carbon Monoxide, Nitro-benzenes and the tar.

Burning any vegetable materials and inhaling the smoke carries exactly the same dangers, except with pot the active drug is alleged to cause longterm brain damage.

That tobacco is legally available means that its users are openly known, whereas the users of pot are unknown and secreted from the General Public.

Whilst tobacco smokers are forced onto the high street by anti-smoking laws, pot smokers are not.

It might be argued that pot is already illegal but this is untrue. As part of the cost of cutting the police payroll, it is effectively legal to own and smoke a small quantity of cannabis (the personal use plea), even in public buildings.

Now we have The BMA calling for smoking to be made illegal, even in a car, that has no passengers, in case, at some future date, a child may be carried in the car and be affected by traces of cigarette smoke.

I, personally, have no problem with smoking being banned in my car but I do worry about this culture of people trying to gain a higher profile by seizing the moral high ground and condemning the general public over some trivial aspect of their freedom. Tobacco has become an acceptable Aunt Sally for these moralisers but, when it has been effectively eradicated (not necessarily a bad thing) these people and this culture will persist and they will be seeking new personal freedoms to attack nag us about.

It’s this that I detest.


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