England v Spain second half

I was disappointed by the England performance.

O.K., we won 1-0 but how many times could we have scored? If every shot had gone in, Spain would have won 30-3, because we played 4-4-2. Our goal came from a set piece, before Spain could reset for a new Goalie.

It was a good goal, from Lampard and Bent, but it was still a sucker punch.

Our playing 442 allowed the Spanish to play an attacking¬†343. It’s a good tactic if our midfield wingers are fast enought to catch up with the front two in the way that the Germans attacked in the World Cup, but our wingers were getting up only to find that Spain had their midfield back. When the ball was hoofed upfield it was two onto three with more defenders running in, if it looked dangerous.

The best man on the pitch was David Villa, especially when coupled with Iniesta.

We obviously don’t need Terry with Lescott and Jagielka there but they do need to work with Joe Hart more.

In one shot by Fabregas, it was clear that Hart’s view was blocked by Jagielka, whilst Lescott’s bum deflected another shotl, which fortunately went over.

In terms of refereeing, we need clarification on which grounding tackles are foul and which are fair. We also need to watch out for those scissor tackles, which could get a red card if messed up.


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