England v Spain first half

I liked the way that The Spanish players used a shot or long pass combined with an intentional deflection to put defenders off.  It’d have been better if they were deflecting it to a known player, rather than just hoping that someone was running on to it.

English players, on the other hand, were taking the ball, getting it under control (because passes were often a bit too strong), and then having to look to see if anyone had made themselves available. Usually the Spaniards were on to the English players before they had thought out what they might do.

Bad points: First, the ref not booking Ramos for cynically taking  Walcott  out twice in first half. Second, linesman flagging
Spaniards offside, when Cole(?) was obviously playing them on.

Mostly Spanish attack consisted of a shield style formation with a line of three backed by a line of four, all keeping position with
respect to the man in the middle of the line of three.

It resembled an umbrella being moved from side to side following the ball, until they gained possession, then the passing seemed to be based on a box of four players. The nearest two in the line of four, coupling with the nearest  two  in the line of three. The unused players looking to find an empty space to exploit.

In the counterattack it was down to the front three moving into a dogleg to put the ball behind the defenders for their key player to run in to attack the goal.


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