Faked excitement is boring

Anyone else noticed a creeping Americanisation of British Natural History and General Interest programs?
The carefully calculated tones of Shakespearean actors and the understated enthusiasm of presenters such as Sir David Attenborough and David Bellamy, are being replaced by the contrived and continually excited narratives of lesser men, under the instruction of amateurish directors, who don’t understand the excitement generated by the subject itself.
I’ve just watched a program about the Sun turning into a Red Giant. The narrator’s constantly rising inflections and his emotive phraseology, were intensely irritating. How can a professional team turn out such drivel. Example “If we don’t escape, then in 5 Billion years time our HOME will be vapourised blah! blah!”?
We’ve only been using fire, talking , being human for, at most, 300,000 years.
Will we still be around in 5,000,000 years?
will we still be human by then. if we are still around?
Yet not as bad as the program were they shot a hippo.
The story that it was becoming dangerous to the locals was very convincing, especially as I’m sure the locals would have enjoyed a bit of hippo meat, if they had been allowed to shoot it.
They had enough advance notice to organise a group of researcher’s with projects to undertake, a sponsor to provide supplies and film crews with relevant high tech gear to enable them to set up next to the newly shot hippo, before any of Africa’s starving fauna could zone in.
The narrative was a series of artificially excited announcements “flies have landed on the carcase, this will interest xxxxx”. “XXXXX you’ll be interested in this”, ” yes! I’m very interested. we don’t have a lot of data on flies landing on hippo carcases”.
Persistent moans about the damn lazy lions, or even hyena’s, which were needed to rip through the very thick skin of this pachyderm, not showing up. Vultures and “honorary” vultures turned up and had a go, then, at long last, a lion (discussion about local lions with the ranger and how he could recognise them) turned up and sniffed around. Instead of ripping into the Hippo as they hoped, he just chewed on the anus and other softer bits. All the time the narrator was showing his concern that the carcase might decompose too soon for an exciting “Hippo Feast”.
OK, It wasn’t terribly exciting but having a narrator sounding like he’s figuratively jumping around like kids in an advert for Disneyland didn’t help.
It’s bad enough, Americanising reality shows, such as Big Brother, to make them sound as if they are exciting (as opposed to a bunch of moronic no-hopers, sitting around scratching their arses, whilst selecting someone to be sexually intimate with on TV in order to gain notoriety and TV fame) but please leave serious programs to serious narrators and audiences, who are inclined to be serious minded themselves.

P.S. I don’t think Americans are Lowbrow just their TV Producers (and Politicians), who seem to be afficionado’s of Phineas T. Barnum, who “never underestimated the intelligence of the American Public”


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