D.Express: fracking for European folly

This item from an on-line finance page says:
“In 2000, shale gas represented just 1 percent of American natural gas supplies. Today, it is 30 percent and rising. “
The reports that we see on TV always include the flames coming out of a tap/faucet, which effect was apparently unrelated to the fracking process.
There has never been any comment from Independent (preferably  British) seismologists/Geologists on whether such operations, in the North-West, are safe or dangerous.
All we have seen are protests fuelled by uneducated American arguments, both for and against, and interviews with those carrying out the exploration.
On the one hand, I wouldn’t be worried by apparent
environmental harm, which couldn’t be worse than that created by the Coal-mining operations in this area, and from which we seem to be well on the way to
On the other hand, that same coal-mining has left a legacy of a warren of unmapped mines and pitheads. There are occasional instances of mine collapses and that gives rise to a worry. The recent scale 2 tremors have been attributed to fracking operations and whilst these may not, by themselves cause damage of surface structures, there does seem a potential for them to trigger more serious dangers from pit collapse or even liquefaction of spoil-heap sites, which have been used for housing development.
As the economic advantages of this source of natural gas is so huge, whilst potential risk to life could be so serious, it would seem that Government might consider the matter more seriously and look into assuaging public concern by doing their job of Governing, instead of just taking us down a road to debt, where we’re forced to allow fracking, regardless of possible consequences, just to pay for Cameron’s European folly.

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