thermite bomb

I passed a stall selling old style school desks with the hole in the front top for an ink-well. It reminded me of how, having been taught  about the thermite reaction at school, I had procured the necessary Iron filings, Barium peroxide and the Magnesium ribbon to act as the fuse.

I had mixed the two, in appropriate proportions, in the inkwell on my desk (everyone was now using fountain pens) , applied the magnesium fuse and lit it, with my lighter. It doubled the diameter of the inkwell and we had to douse the wood with water to stop the hole getting bigger.

We were dangerous buggers, but I was a scholarship boy and this was the Liverpool Collegiate, so I wasn’t a vandal; I just had an inquisitive mind and a practical approach to my studies.

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  1. Thermite reactions | Unidompus Says:

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    • wiganshale Says:

      I left this on, although I think it’s spam, because it looks as though I may have misremembered my thermite reaction, or I’ve confused it with another. It was nearly 50 years ago and I still burnet out the inkwell.

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