LED light bulbs

I really don’t like these Euro bulbs. They’re ineffective and dangerous, in more ways than one.

Somebody’s got shares in this pseudo-Green scam and I resent being made to use them instead of the safer incandescent light bulb.

If this was really a Green issue then it’d be the LED bulbs that were being promoted and subsidised.

If you’ve got an LED torch, you’ll notice that they are cold, suggesting that they are even more efficient than the Euro backed bulbs.

They don’t contain Mercury and shouldn’t start burning, as one of my Euro bulbs did.

They are bright from the moment that they are switched on. They are self regulating, so there’s no power surge and they can be used with a dimmer switch.

Unfortunately, because they are not widely used, the only ones available are quite expensive (around the £10 mark) but if they were promoted as much as the Verdamt Euro Bulbs, the price would drop quickly enough, as the Chinese and Indians would churn them out (probably for a few pence each, before shipping etc.).

I look forward to seeing them in the pound shops.


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