Cameron must be lying through his teeth

Cameron has said that we will not contribute any more money to the Eurozone.
Cameron has said that we will double our contribution to the IMF fund.
He insists that this extra IMF contribution will not be a backdoor loan to the Eurozone.
Here’s why I think he is lying through his teeth.
(They warned us that he was another Tony Blair).
First, the only way that we could scrape up another £30billion is by borrowing it from the IMF,, which means that we are basically agreeing to underwrite a loan that we can’t afford and pay for the interest that will have to be paid to the countries that are lending us this money, through the IMF.
Secondly it has been reported that the big problem, at the moment, is that these countries (we’re thinking China and possibly the US) don’t want lend us the money. More significantly they don’t want to lend us the money because they have said that it is up to the Eurozone to sort out its mess I.e. the money that we (i.e. Cameron) want to  borrow from China et al, to lend to the IMF is in their view intended to bail out Greece and they don’t think that there is enough collateral in these countries to pay it back.
Cameron is acting like the beggar in the Casino asking for more credit to help his mates syndicate carry on gambling, because “know” that their system is a sure-fire winner and will pay-off. The Casino owner already has the deeds to the house, the car and numerous IOU’s. He is reluctant to give them more credit to try and win back the IOU’s.
Like most gambler’s with a problem, he’ll lie, cheat or steal, before he’ll admit it and cut his losses.


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