raising the pension age is perverse and non-productive

When an unemployed man reaches state retirement age, does he need more, or less, to survive on?

Either benefit payments are too low compared to pension payments are they are too high.

Whichever way it is, there seems no logical reason for it.

Logically, therefore, there should be no intelligent reason for increasing State pension age.

Whatever extra allowances or penalties may have accrued over the years, in the fine tuning of these disparate payments, should be cancelled.

The whole system of assessment would be simplified, making it clear that there is no significant advantage, to the Treasury, in increasing the pension age.

Minor discrepancies, such as bus passes and prescription charges do not significantly affect the overall sums and, in these two cases, it  would serve the Country better,  if  they were made free to all.

Free bus passes for all would seem an unnecessary extra cost on the Public purse but consider the saving on imported fuel and congestion problems if bus travel were free.

Prescription charges are allegedly to prevent NHS drugs being wastefully abused (in my opinion they are really just  a tax on the sick). Wouldn’t it be more likely that the more forgetful and enfeebled elderly would be the ones to misuse medication? Yet,  the elderly are the ones who need most medications and who get free prescriptions.

Why create a system where people have to be given extra cash to pay for prescription charges, so that they can be fit to look for work? Why punish, with prescription charges, those who have work and don’t want to fail their employers?

Unless it is to be Government policy to punish those, deprived of employment, and possibly to hurry them to their deaths, it would seem a sounder policy, as a Christian country, to appreciate the example of the Good Samaritan and  to see the benefit for the Nation, as a whole, to have a contented and cared for population.

Such a population is less expensive to maintain than one, which needs constant remedial treatment.


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