Bring back the three day week to halve unemployment

I just read a tweet that life would be better if weekends were longer and weekdays shorter.

Wonderful idea in present climate.

We have too many unemployed, rapidly becoming unemployable.

We have right-wingers whinging about the work-shy, scroungers (their synonym for unemployed) and demanding that benefits be cut.

I suggest an alternative to present situation.

Cut all Government impediments (taxes, paperwork) to businesses employing people and impose a maximum three-day week for all non-essential employees. (needs refinement, but I’m thinking mainly the unskilled)

Obviously the concept would need working through in more depth but it would immediately double the number of people in employment, give more people work experience and separate out the genuine work-shy.

Give everyone full pay. The Government has proven that money is nothing more than printed paper.

Prices might go up but, in view of Tax money already being shelled out to allow the unemployed to survive, prices shouldn’t rise by much.

Contingent benefits would be better morale and hence better health. Staff productivity would be likely to increase. Work problems would be likely to be more readily resolved e.g. absenteeism would be halved and with job sharing, could be reduced further.

The vast army of pensioners could become a source of stand-in stand-bys.

This is only a preliminary proposal but it could be worth looking into further.



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