strange timeline of St Pauls protest

4:30 p.m. Bishop of London announces that he’s in charge.

9:30 p.m. Announcement is made that Corporation of City of London will take legal action to clear tents.

So, The Dean will still be in charge, when the heavies move in but it’s the Bishop of London , who will give God’s blessing to the very people, against whom the protestors are campaigning.

In the words of George Monbiot, of the Guardian, “The Church of England is not just working with Mammon; it’s colluding with Babylon.”

The piece in the Guardian ( )  gives a nice summation of what these protests are about.
The intriguing bit is why these people are allowing European powers to talk about transferring their institututions to Germany and France, when they have such wonderful legal concessions in The City of London.

I like the footnote about The Lord Mayor’s procession being on 12th November, the day after Remembrance Day. I suggest that protestors should decamp to St. Stephen’s (Bishop of London’s on-line church, next to Mansion House), scuppering indignation about disrespecting the War Dead, whilst spoiling the Bankers and the Moneymen’s big parade.


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