QI: Boy Sperm by order

Stephen Fry missed a trick, when Sandy Toskvig mentioned the difference in motility of male and female sperm.

In the continuation, whic centred on choosing the sex of the baby, he could have pointed out that male sperm were faster, because they were smaller and hence one way of pre-determining the sex of a baby is to centrifuge the sperm, separating the male and female for the old Turkey Baster process.

He finished with restating the research that the diet of the mother had an effect on the sex of the child.

As diet would affect the pH levels of the vagina, he (or rather his researchers) might have checked out the vinegar-soaked spongeĀ  method for making the vagina more hospitable for male sperm.

Discussion of killer sperm and sperm feeding stations might have proved QI.


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