The Daily Express’s campaign against St. Paul’s protestors is more worthy of The Sun.

Letter to the Daily Express
I am vey concerned about the Daily Express’s campaign against those occupying land around St.Pauls.
My understanding was that they were invited to stay by the Vicar, who actually instructed the Police to leave them unmolested.
Obviously there will be protests from certain quarters, mainly those that have created the cause for protest.
The protestors would rather have occupied land near the Stock Exchange but, as is the right of the owners of that land, an injunction was sought to prevent this.
The land that is being presently occupied is also private land and it is my understanding, particularly after last night’s discussions on BBC radio, that the owners of the land, The Church, are in broad agreement with the aims of the protestors, which is why they were given permission.
The recent dissension was created by officials concerned about Health and Safety (usually a bogey phrase to the Daily Express) i.e. access for fire and ambulance services.
This has, as you correctly reported, been resolved to the extent that the H&S officials are satisfied that access can be achieved, allowing the Vicar to announce that he will be able to re-open the Church for public services.
I suspect that it would be difficult for those with jobs to be able to get permission to join the protest, meaning that the majority must be unemployed, or have private means.
I am annoyed that you do not think your readers are capable of appreciating this and that you insist on portraying all of the protestors as latter-day hippies with nothing better to do and devoid of any moral cause.
Their views, and that of the Church, may not accord with your views but it would show greater respect to your readers, if you relied more on argument than on a similar sort of manipulation to that used by our political leaders.

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