Angela Merkel’s European War: a fear, a prediction or a threat?

Letter to the Daily Express.


Obviously, Angela Merkel was under great stress when she claimed that failure to resolve Europe’s financial mess would (not could?) lead to war.
It is equally obvious, to most of Europe’s population,that this is an issue, which can not be resolved, under present conditions.
If these political leaders can spend so many hours, talking to no greater effect thanĀ  to borrow more money, effectively to buy a few more months, or weeks, then they have already lost the struggle.
Better to give up the unrealistic hope of unifying disparate nations by imposing a common currency and to attend to the even more vexing problem of a common
Unless these leaders can speak to each other, without the need for interpreters, there is always going to be the possibility of misunderstandings between nations.
The key problem, which is more the proper meat of the political mindset, is to choose a common language for Europe.
I suspect that most would choose English but The French would veto it.
That is the real stumbling block to a United Europe, so scrap the Euro and return to being a trading block, as treaty partners; bearing in mind that dogs can best work
together as a pack, when they are not chained to each other.

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