United States of Europe more likely to cause wars

The reason why we are being entrained into a Federal Europe is to comply with the dream of one man, who believed that this would prevent future wars.

There seems no logical basis for this supposition and could, I believe,  lead us into worse danger.

The two World Wars that prompted this “dream” were in fact multiple conflicts, with each nation having its own agenda and only uniting as it suited those agenda’s.

The E.U. is the same, with each nation vying to achieve dominance and trying to gain advantage at the expense of the others. It seems to be held together only by the personal avarice of the numerous politicians from the member states and the vast bureaucracy ladling out the loot and selling the patents.

A unified Europe would simply mean that we could be put into the same situation as the USSR countries were. In their case, one country meant one homicidal ruler in control of all their resources and in a position to create a Global War on just his whim.

In the case of the Second World War, if France, Britain and the USA hadn’t been so frightened by W.W.I., they would have stomped on Hitler much earlier and prevented his escalation of one man’s megalomania into Global conflict.

If, Tomorrow, one of the European powers tried to foment war, by seeking alliances, the others would stomp on it.

Suppose France and Germany lost patience with the inability of the Greek Government to resolve their debt crisis. Would they be allowed to step in and seize control? They might be tempted by such thoughts but would the rest of Europe allow it?

If we had a French led European Superstate and it’s boss decided that Greece needed to be brought into line, does anyone believe that the French leadership would limit itself to watercannon? The French are to be given control of our Navy; would they be reticent about ordering British Guns to be fired on Athens? Would they have any qualms about executing British Officers, who refused to comply?

At present such notions would be ridiculed, but then the notion of the American Civil War must have seemed ridiculous to those who first united the states into one country; especially as they all had the same heritage, spoke the same language and had a common currency, which had evolved by a natural process, based on the Gold standard.

If I was gambling on who might start a Global War, I wouldn’t pick two small countries such as Israel and Palestine, I’d pick whichever two Superstates that chose to back them.


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