“unlock democracy” AGM in London. OK for Londoners.

I’m all for electoral reform, so was interested in this group. Unfortunately, I don’t see how this works.

I’m not bothered about whether, or not, 16-yr olds get the vote, although I worry that this might be tied in with the attempts to lower the age of consent for lads.

I am bothered that I’m invited to donate £10 (min.) towards the free buffet at the AGM, when I’d need a “sub” to attend it .

Why London? Got to be near Lib Dem / Green  HQ?

Why a Glossy  magazine (“Citizen”)?

Who’s paying for the magazine and the 11 officers listed in it?

Is this just another talking shop to provide jobs for Public School failures?

The only way forward is to promote unaffiliated MP’s, who are prepared to return a tithe of their Parliamentary income and time to supporting other unaffiliated Parliamentary candidates and so destroy the power of the Whipping system.

The whinge about constituency work is an irrelevance, as most could be carried out with equal effectiveness by the equivalent of an Indian based call centre, outsourced by the Unlock Democracy Group, which, itself, could just as easily be based in the North, where equally capable personnel could be found to carry out these roles, at a lower rate of remuneration.



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2 Responses to ““unlock democracy” AGM in London. OK for Londoners.”

  1. James Graham Says:

    To answer your questions:

    1) Why London? Past experience is that holding our AGM in London is the best location. Too far north and people in the south west can’t attend, too far west and people in the north can’t attend. As a transport hub it is the most convenient (or at least least inconvenient) for the most people.

    2) The £10 donation is entirely voluntary.

    3) Why a glossy magazine? Our members seem to appreciate it.

    4) Who is paying? We own two properties and earn rental income from it. We get grants from a number of awarding bodies such as the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust. But 50% of our income comes from individual donors giving on average around £20 per year.

    5) A talking shop for “public school failures”? One junior member of staff went to public school, not that that particularly has much to do with anything. But we are certainly not a talking shop and in the last month alone have been pro-actively campaigning for greater transparency in lobbying, reforming the House of Lords and lobbying the government over individual electoral registration.

    James Graham
    Campaigns and Communications Manager, Unlock Democracy

    • wiganshale Says:

      thanks for the response. I’m glad to know that my fears were unfounded. My comments seem to have elicited the response that I required. If you hadn’t responded, I’d have felt my comments justified.
      I was annoyed, because I had received several othe posts, which had irritated me and most organisations that send me free glossy mags, aren’t free. The query about your sponsorship was because so many politicians seem to be sponsored by others. Lansley as Health Minister, in the pay of NHS privateers, was shown up through last nights Question Time and it seems that there are a large number of peers on an EU pension, which is dependent on their support of the EU. We haven’t got the full info on DR. Fox’s chum and who knows what other fingers in pies are waiting to be disclosed. Take in the obduracy of all party leaders in respect of possible withdrawal from the EU, before it goes belly up, and you’ll have to excuse me for wandering about most political groupings.
      The Public school jibe was because every organisation, which is London based and which does not actually produce anything, seems to be permeated by these scions of the rich and privileged.
      To top it all,, I just don’t see anything in political life changing in favour of anyone without the means to bribe (replace with suitable euphemisms as appropriate) our politicians.
      As I said in my original comment, the only way of changing the state of play seems to be by destroying the whip system by either subverting backbenchers or by sponsoring MP’s, who aren’t in it for the easy pickings.

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