Tesco and Virgin spam: I’d stick a letter box on my bin, except I sometimes get real mail.

I don’t use Tesco too much, because I find it expensive, but I have a club card, so Today I received a letter from them. Full Colour glossy printed both sides on quality A4; inside a similarly expensive envelope and carried by Royal Mail.

On the one hand I’m pleased that it keeps postmen in employment, on the other I’m annoyed that it’s spam and spam that tells me that I’m  stupid Tesco portrays itself as shedding (crocodile) tears over the cash crisis that we all face and wishes to help by cutting back on clubcard points, in favour of lower prices. The points are worth what? How much will they affect the price, which still retains a big profit margin?

Worse it goes in my bin to be re-cycled, or land-filled, and bringing me censure from eco-freaks,  for having a bin, who’d like to “educate” me to be more concerned about The Planet.

I’ve the same problem with Virgin media, who keep sending me glossy’s to remind me that new customers are being offered the package that I’m paying for but at a 70% discount.

I’ve just capitulated to their non-paper bill blackmail (I like to keep bills, so that I can track how fast charges are rising) . Now I have to wait and see if they’ll stop sending me advertising. Especially that useless “Electric” magazine, which I’ve had successfully (!!!!) blocked at least 4 times. That must have cost at least £3 to produce and mail to me. Straight to re-cycling, probably to produce more glossy’s.

Spam, spam, spam, spam, Tesco spam, Virgin spam, Sky spam, Wigan “Borough Life” magazine spam, fast food franchises by the score, Charity (fraudulent and genuine) appeals, Electioneering lies, spam, spam, spam.

I’d stick a letter box on my bin, except I sometimes get real mail.


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