advertising that could be self-financing.

A lot of advertising has begun to rely on music to gain attention, from OTT Welsh tenors to monotone chorales, they all quickly become irritating. The products do get noticed but they become charged with negative undertones.

Thinking of how the spendthrift section of our population are happy to financially support reality TV programs etc. through phone charges, it would seem logical to combine the two.

TV stations such as Sky,  need items to help pad out their 40 minute screenings to fill their 60 minute scheduled slots.

A single tune lasts roughly 4 to 5 minutes, so why not do jukebox TV?

Set up a website, or whatever, as a jukebox, where as soon as enough money ( or product tokens) is paid to cover costs, selected records will be played at selected times. The screen would show a list of songs asked for, alongside a progress bar for each one. As each one is played it goes to the bottom of the pile, popular ones rising rapidly through the list again.

Viewers of differing channels would tend to favour differing styles of music and advertisers would sponsor particular slots/channels, according to the target market, with a simple brand name flash across the top of the screen and maybe a closing “played for you by….”.

There would be less tendency for viewers to switch off the sound and might actually encourage attention by those seeking to see how their selection is progressing.

I think the idea is a winner and could do well for whichever advertiser takes it up.

 @ john shale ….means I’d like a little dosh if  someone takes up the idea.


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