wigan traffic engineer says mini roundabout and traffic island are significantly different.

A traffic island has a raised area that can’t be driven over, whilst a mini roundabout has a raised area that can be driven over, if necessary.  (I found this interesting

 http://www.theanswerbank.co.uk/Motoring/Question122439.html )

Any other difference between the two, shown below, is probably to do with road traffic legislation, which only a traffic engineer would deem significant. They cover near enough the same area and have the same number of feeder roads.

spot the difference

Although this mini-roundabout is probably less efficient, because one of its feeder  roads has been blocked at the other end, to give Council employees a quiet life. Whilst the traffic island has become more efficient, because more cars are , we are told, being forced to use the ill-favoured access of Sherwood Way.


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