Kyocera should make a scraper based on shark skin denticles.

I was trying to strip some paint using rotary wire brushes and sanders. They all just polished the paint. I didn’t want to use a heat gun, so ended up using a scraper (hammer flat edge then tap along blade to get a burr that cuts into the paint).

Tedious job. I thought on the coupon cutters available from the pound shops. They use a Zirconium oxide blade to cut the paper about .5 mm depth. If they used a 0.1 mm blade it could be used to cut the paint layer and allow the rotary wire brushes to get a bite.

Better still, make an artificial shark skin scraper block. Basiclly shark skin has teeth in it (denticles), which are aligned for stream lining. In the past shark skin was used for rubbing down surfaces.

A cheap form of sandpaper could be made using the crushed fragments of reject Kyocera knife production. It would be almost as good as  diamond dust impregnated nail file but cheaper.  @ wiganshale


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