digging our way out of recession needs job creation not taxes.

It seems public conversation has turned to escaping from the recession by the need to create wealth rather than just to print more money. I.e. the political class seem to be re-inventing the solutions adopted as a means of escaping the Great depression of the 1920’s.
Here in Britain we had schemes such as building the Mersey Tunnel; a labour intensive scheme that employed large numbers of unemployed and created a long-term benefit to the local economy. Such schemes give people self-respect, skills and money to buy things, which can, in turn, create further employment.

In Germany, the building of the autobahn’s using intensive paid manual labour and the promotion of the Volkswagen were used as part of their emergence from the depression
We need similar schemes in this country, Today.
Obviously, nowadays, road-building and tunneling are large machinery tasks and there would be no point channeling public money into such schemes, which would only benefit the multi-nationals that gained the contracts.
Our politicians would need to come up with some scheme that our present day, unskilled work force could achieve that would benefit the Nation and help repay the necessary expenditure.
My personal favourite would be to provide exercise bikes fitted with electrical generators. Instead of sitting still, going nowhere, in order to lose weight, I could also be reducing my electricity bill. A double benefit to myself and to the nation.
Possibly an efficiency of scale could be achieved with a sort of bicycle operated power station, with variable gearing to maintain a 50 Hertz mains A.C.
The individual’s energy production would be measurable and saleable. The need for matching supply with demand would be more easily managed than it is with wind power, by a variable hourly rate, with workers, only working when this rate met their needs.
The last could actually be a bonus selling point in that the lowest energy demands are in the Summer, when people would rather be on the beach.
At present Green policy is to persecute car owners, whereas their gripe actually lies with the petrol engine and its production of Carbon-Dioxide.
So why not push for a “people’s electric car”.
There are proto-type electric engines about, which, because of the recession, are starved of capital: Ironic, in view of our Chancellor believing that Capitalists will save us and risk their capital to kick start the economy.
If our Government were to back the manufacture of these engines, with a fixed standard chassis, to which designer bodies could be attached, then we would save on imported materials, cut back on fossil fuels and possibly create an export market.
As with cut-out paper dolls that can be fitted with a girl’s own design dresses, the car bodies could be the basis of a cottage industry producing plastic/papier mache/fibre glass own design models, possibly using re-cycled / recyclable materials.
I realise that pedal power would not contribute much to the National Grid and that the rich would still want their Beamers and their Mercedes but these offerings are not meant to be a route to big profits.
They are meant to be way of beginning to dig our way out of a financial mess. Analogous to the spoon used by The Count of Monte Cristo, rather than the fallacious spade of high taxation.
It would be nice if those paid the big salaries could come up with something better than this and certainly better than their present philosophy of “sit tight, cross your fingers and hope it all goes away”

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