we need prefabs not the executive homes that will come from the new planning regulations

On the face of it, reducing planning restrictions would be an improvement.

They have departed too far from the original intention of preventing shanty towns and unsafe housing and they have allowed petty officials to use the full force of the Law to make home-owners paint/appoint their property, according to the tastes of the local megalomaniacs.

Unfortunately the latest example in the papers is of Mrs. Thatcher’s favourite , Barrats Homes, wanting to build on National Trust land. The argument put forward is that we need more housing. But that would be low cost housing and Barrats do executive housing, which indicates the duplicitous nature of this law.

It does not appear to be about lack of housing but about Conservatives fastening on the public teat again.

If the Government is concerned about housing all their “illegal” immigrants then why not use the solution that was “fit for heroes” ,returning from WWII, and their bombed out families.

The prefabs were well furnished, erected in very short order on brownfield sites.

The Excalibur estate in Catford, South-East London was one of the last post-war estates to be demolished, having lasted until January this year and then only demolished against the wishes of the majority of residents.

One other point to bear in mind. Greenfield sites rarely have much in the way of local employment.

This would be desirable for someone wishing to buy onto an expensive, upmarket  housing estate but not really the first choice for someone simply requiring a warm nest, to raise their young, and some form of employment to pay for it.


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