Lifetime Golden Ticket to Wigan Council’s en-suite facilities.


Sent to Wigan Evening Post


I’ve just received notification of changes to my direct debit payments of Council Tax.


It was accompanied by a puff about the “healthy living zone Wigan life Centre” being opened on August 27th and 28th 2011. (more than a fortnight back).
The exciting news was that the first 500 to apply before August 29th would receive a free lifetime membership. …………………..So that’s Lord Smith, Members of his Cabinet and all Senior Council Officers and sundry relatives sorted then.
I’d be very surprised if ordinary members of the public have more than a few token, golden tickets.
Basically it’s been my impression all along that the new centre has always been intended to be part of a private centre for selected Council personnel and that the General public would be dissuaded from trying to enter.
The £50 joining fee would seem to be something that would dissuade most punters.
The reverse of the leaflet offers swimming lessons for children at £18.28 per month.
These charges might not seem much to some but they contrast strongly with the notion of a Labour Council and the ethos of free facilities for the General Public.
I have no proof of who has qualified for the free membership and I already have one FOI request in at the moment. I just thought that you could query this membership and see if there was a possible story..



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