Hoarding NOT Saving

Letter sent to Epressletters@express.co.uk
I’m glad to hear that we are becoming a nation of hoarders.
I have been trying to push this message home to my own children and their friends.
You can’t trust your old age to other people. If there’s one thing my generation have learned, it’s that pensions are not safe.
If the investment firms don’t go bust, prove incompetent or add on disproportionately large fees then the Taxman will elbow his way in to grab the best of what’s left.
Even The State Pension has been raided to an extent that it isn’t worth half of what it should have been, if its income had been fairly managed.
Anywhere that a large sum of money is left to mature, scavengers will be sniffing around for an opportunity to grab a piece before the Taxman spots it and claims his share.
Even investing in land, the mainstay of the privileged classes has been put on the agenda, by Vince Cable.
Investing in your own home, the mainstay of the middle classes, has become a target for Councils and care homes.
Hoarding paper money is futile; small wonder the price of Gold is still rising.

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