Greenland was Green in Leif Erikson’s time

letter to He’s ex-wiganer (hence reference to Haigh Hall), does the Green bit in the Express (and occasionally the war bits, it seems)
Whilst I understand that it is accepted, by many, that Global Warming is a crime committed by mankind, I think you need to revise your opening comments on Erik the Red and your inclusion of the Aral Sea in the examples of Global Warming.
As I understand it, Erik The Red spoke the truth and not only was a Viking colony settled in Greenland but they farmed the land for a couple of centuries before the next mini-Ice Age, from which we are now emerging.
They also had an Inuit population as neighbours.
The Aral Sea’s dilemma was, as I’m sure you must know, caused by Communist Russia diverting its water supply to upstream developments.
I found the note on Red Admiral’s of interest, having come across one in the Haigh Hall walled Garden. I hadn’t seen one, since I was a kid in Liverpool and I expect that its appearance may be connected with hurricanes moving up the East coast of America, instead of bashing into the Bay of Mexico, as they usually do.

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