Caning wont do it

Back in my youth, when Murderers (and those in their company) were hanged and Coppers patrolled their beats (at least in my neighbourhood) in pairs, I recall one case of my Primary School Head being head-butted by the father of a boy that he had caned.
If we made a return to caning in schools, then I suspect that far worse could ensue.
The case, where a 15 year-old girl only had to accuse an experienced teacher of aggression/contact, for that teacher to be arrested, suspended for six months and stand trial, exemplifies the futility of this notion.
We live in a different world, where child-line and welfare Service’s are held over the head of any adult responsible for supervising children, including their parents.
We live in a World, where crimes reported to police are not acted upon, unless a member of the Public has put themselves in a situation where they can be arrested. A world where Police will not respond to school’s call for assistance, unless blood has been shed and a World where a caning could lead to knives being used and teachers’ homes being mobbed.
If firmer action is to be taken then each school would have to have its own mini-Police Force, to whom all disciplinary issues could be referred. This would take the pressure off teachers and the Welfare Services and instil in the mind of pupils that the Word “Force”, in Police Force, actually had a meaning. It might cost money but it would be cheaper than the endless meetings where teachers, police, welfare officers and psychologists  discuss Cases, before arriving at the conclusion that miscreants should be given a convenient mitigating label (possibly a prescription for Ritalin) and released back into the classroom.

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