Too many databases and not enough Good Government

I don’t like having to pay car tax.
I don’t like having to pay for an MOT.
I don’t like having to pay for the work that some garages seem to be always able to find, during MOT inspections.
I don’t like the extortionate levels of car insurance that I am legally required to pay.
I really resent the fact that I have to pay, via car insurance premiums, for those who don’t pay these charges.
My upbringing prevents me from flouting the Law in this respect, although, intellectually, I am aware that I am being exploited, whilst there are some sections of the population for whom these inconveniences are non-existent.
These people have learned through word of mouth, newspaper articles (such as that in Today’s paper) and even personal experience, that the only people who can be brought to book are those, who will fill in the necessary paperwork.
Those who have entered the country illegally and those who have no fixed abode, flitting from doss to doss, squat to squat or illegal campsite to illegal campsite have no need to fear the Law.
High IT camera’s, which can check car’s number plates and tax discs against Government databases of cars with MOT’s, tax discs and insurance, can only be effective against those who wish to live in a civilised society. They don’t work against the many who now laugh at the Law and its threats.
Even in the unusual circumstance that a police patrol car can actually chase down a miscreant, the punishment is usually a fine (it’s not strange why this form of punishment is favoured by money grubbing politicians) and this can only be extracted from those, who have filled in the forms for the database.

Even if Labour had managed to implement its National Identity card scheme, the only people against whom it could have been used are people such as myself: People who own their own homes and people who bother to register to vote.
The replacement of an adequate police force, prison service and justice system with a privatised Civil Service relying on I.T. can only work against the people who will stand still and allow themselves to be prosecuted. 

This is lazy Government and it is bad Government.

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2 Responses to “Too many databases and not enough Good Government”

  1. mrgeeko Says:

    Very well spoken sir. I myself have recently been priced off the road from thieving car insurance companies. As somebody who pays my insurance and road tax, i feel totally abused by the scumbag companies (and scumbag government who have allowed it to happen). My insurance went from an already hugely extortionate £800 to £2000 (cheapest i could find).

    And for what? a van that cost me £925.

    Result? van gets sold, no road tax to be paid, no insurance to paid, no petrol being bought. Well done to all those involved. You now all have a bullet embedded in your foot.

    • wiganshale Says:

      What’s more irritating is that the “names” who finance and profit from the insurance industry, are the landowners (house of Lords), Judges and politicians, who create these Laws and when the insurance companies mess up (e.g. insuring housing in America’s Tornado alley and Hurricane regions), all they have to do is increase our premiums.

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