Give the UN a high seas police powers

The recent Murder and kidnapping in Kenya has been attributed, as a possibility, to Somali bandits using speed boats.
The implication, if this is the case, is that the soft hand applied to Somali piracy has encouraged these murderer’s to broaden their range of activities.
The excuse for the lack of action was that the murders were taking place in international waters, so politicians were reluctant to order action to be taken.
The same excuse has recently been aired in relation to the seeming increase in the number of people disappearing from cruise ships. It seems that there is justification in believing that these losses may not be accidental and The U.S.A. has had the Gumption to set up conditions for investigating those cases that might directly involve their citizens in their waters.
At present the UN has forces in several lands around the Globe (
It would seem that handing over jurisdiction of international waters to the UN might be a political route to protecting us from pirates and murder on the High Seas.
As the new head of the UN peace-keeping force is a Frenchman (Hervé Ladsous), we could see our new Super-Carrier being painted with a blue superstructure and posted to the Gulf of Aden with valid and explicit instructions to act against the pirates.

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