Sunday Express: speed camera’s are a social evil

Clare Heal makes a superficially valid justification for speed camera’s and baldly states that if we think speed limits are too low then we should get Parliament to raise them.
First the national speed limits were set at these values for administrative purposes and, originally as a guide to police officers, They were not reasoned out as suitable values for specific lengths of road and for specific densities of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
Second the motorists, whom she derides, did not complain about the speed limits, when these limits were enforced by the Police.
The evidence that the speed camera’s are to catch the unwary, rather than to protect the public, is given by the siting of so many of them. Most that I’ve seen are placed at the bottom of straight, wide, downhill runs, or on bends. They do not catch rush hour traffic, which monitors itself, through knowing the locations of the camera’s.
They catch strangers, travelling in very light traffic, who fall into the trap of matching their speed to the road conditions.
In the days, when we had a police force, the offences that were acted on were those of dangerous driving and of careless driving. These charges did not catch the unwary, they caught the speedsters, who nowadays might have sat-navs to warn them of the camera’s, or the joy-riders, who deliberately ride past the camera’s, repeatedly. They caught the drunks, who idled past the camera’s at well below the triggering speed. They caught the idiots with faulty headlights, or exhausts spilling clouds of smoke. They caught the tail-gaters, who harry those travelling at a safe speed. They caught the delivery men, who drive recklessly past schools, as pupils pour out, in a vain attempt to make their last delivery before the main rush hour.
They cost money, instead of making money, but they did the job of making the roads safe. Speed camera’s are the reverse of that.

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