express: why Gadaffi?

I was not happy about our intervention in Libya but at least it hasn’t cost us the same sort of sums as have Iraq and Afghanistan.
The principle of non-intervention in other countries’ domestic situations is a sound one and the fact that it seems to be being applied to countries such as Sudan, Syria, Bahrain and many others suggest that Libya was a special case.


Perhaps if our Government was a little more trusting of the British people, then they might be able to offer a better justification than the obviously untrue altruism being portrayed, with its reliance on being a humanitarian mission.
If this was the entire basis for our intervention then we would be involving ourselves in the other countries mentioned and Mugabe would have ceased breathing decades ago.


That this was intended as a regime change has been authenticated by William Hague’s absurd refusal to affirm or deny the fact on the BBC, Sunday morning, and by Edwina Currie’s bland assumption of that self-same fact a mere thirty minutes later.
Why not simply state that we wanted Gadaffi out of office and state the reasons? 

Was he attempting extortion, through threats to fund terrorism (there seems to have been a recent upsurge in IRA activity)?
Was he actively supporting Al Qaeda against Saudi Arabia and those Arab nations, who seemed to support Western intervention?


At present, the Government and, therefore, the British people are being presented as hypocrites; trying to avoid charges of war-mongering. Charges which will be made by our enemies, anyway.


Tell the truth and shame the devil. Trust the people with the full story, whatever it is, and gain our respect.



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