Stephen Fry and Athens

I know that Stephen Fry’s love of the Golden Age of Ancient Greece is engendered by an interest in  their acceptance of certain practices (although  in the case of the apparently butch Spartans, it constituted their version of the buddy system).

I know that he has studied the works of renowned Greek thinkers.

Unfortunately, he seems to have been blinded to the basis of Athenian wealth.

On a recent QI, he eulogised ancient Athens as being an example of true democracy.

To do this he has had to restrict his view of who counts as people.

He is almost certainly aware of the slave economy of ancient Athens and undoubtedly aware that conditions were not dissimilar to those for Negro slaves of the Southern States of America.

I quite like Mr Fry, but his program is based, to an extent, on refuting statements that are less ill-founded.


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