Wigan Traffic Engineer: FOI frightener?

I recently sent this to Wigan Council:

In a recent communication from Gill Connolly ( ref GC/SBW/Comps 2011)  Interim Director — Environment, I was informed, via Yvonne Vofargue, that there had been six recorded injury accidents in the last three years , related to Platt Bridge.
(The accident database indicates that there have been six recorded injury accidents in the last three year validated period — three of which involved turning vehicles.)
Could I have the  details of the locations and traffic movements involved and could I have details of how I can directly access this public information, for future relevant events.
The acknowledgement seemed to seek to stop my publishing any information in my blog, so I’ve sought advice from Lord Strobe (see below), as it makes a mockery of The Freedom of Information Act, if I can’t publish any information that I obtain.

Dear Sir,
I am seeking some free legal advice regarding a request that I sent to Wigan Council as a FOI request.
I have received an acknowledgement from a legal clerk, with this rider:
Please don’t print this email unless you really need to
“This email together with any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual to whom they are addressed. The information may be covered by legal professional privilege. Do not copy, disclose or distribute the information. If you are not the addressee, please contact the sender and immediately delete this email and any attachments.”
Is this just a frightener, or could there be consequences for my publishing the awaited information in my blog?
I’d appreciate even the most basic, non-committal answer.


Footnote : If you can’t afford professional advice, i.e. hire a legal  mouthpiece,  would LPP mean that you can’t stop people from publishing your statements, even if given in confidence?


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