They also serve…..

Back in the 90’s, there was a move towards privatisation with the birth of high charging consultancies, which were given contracts with schools, various Council services, hospitals etc.
These Government backed consultancies had names which suggested that they were encouraging organisations to value their employees as important to the organisation.

In effect the result appeared to be the down-grading of jobs (massively implemented in the NHS, where people were made to re-apply for their jobs, but on a lower pay scale) and the fabrication of extra tasks.
These tasks were unnecessary for the most part but it was considered inefficient to have people waiting around for a call on their services. E.g. Firemen have to wait around for fires….The view was that they were being paid to do nothing.

Despite Milton’s famous “they also serve, who only stand and wait” made much of in Wartime propaganda, the idea of firemen or nurses sitting idle was deemed an abomination. Consequently, firemen had extra training drills and PR exercises scheduled to make it appear as though taxpayers would now be getting value for money.
Nurses were instructed to compile statistics and checklist tasks( just like the checklists that are seen in the toilets in McDonalds).

Even when the privatisation plans were put on hold, or even abandoned, these make do tasks continued to grow, as admin. were hired to collate the statistics created by the nurses, whilst the jobs of nurses were de-skilled, so that the actual nursing could be done by semi-literate assistants, for whom further statistics could be compiled.
Fire fighting services had to secure PR personnel to schedule appearances by Welliphant and to buy freebies and design leaflets to hand out.

This has spread throughout the public sector, with the notion that front line personnel sitting waiting for action is still seen as an inefficiency.
So much so, that emergency services seem to have been made subordinate to the compilation of statistics.
Personnel such as nurses etc. are now subordinate to the admin. personnel, who, using their statistics, are now charged with reducing costs, which is why sick people are being turfed out of hospitals, against the opinions of the professionals, only to, subsequently, die in pain at home.
The need to avoid lawsuits and hush matters up has led to a growth in the PR Depts. and the use of expensive law firms.

The need to cut costs is probably the reason why ambulances are stationed in side roads, with the drivers getting numb bums, freezing in Winter and cooking in Summer.
I don’t know this but I’d hazard a guess that they probably have instructions on how long they can run their engines for, to avoid frost bite, in Winter.

I suppose the idea is that when privatisation finally happens, we’ll return to a pre-Thatcher situation, where private investors will hire O&M personnel to ditch most of the Admin. and PR functions, dramatically reducing costs, whilst maintaining a low (but marginally improved ) level of service.
Teachers will go back to teaching instead of writing lesson plans, having superfluous training days and mentoring violent offenders, who are too young to attend prison.

Doctors will go back to doing their rounds and ensuring that only patients, who are fit are sent home.

Ward sisters will go back to supervising nurses, who will ensure that patients are stress free and more likely to get well.

Firemen will go back to ensuring that when they are cdalled in to action, they are fit, rested and alert to the dangers that they face.

Police will go back to spotting villains acting in a suspicious manner and back to responding to 999 calls in time to capture thieves and protect the innocent.

Social Services will go back to ensuring that the genuinely needy are give the care that they need, rather than catering to the whims of the Hard-done-by with their unending demands for “their rights”.

Management and politicians will, fingers crossed, realise that they “who only stand and wait” are already achieving maximum efficiency.


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