A head of hot air building up

It was to be expected that, as leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband would call for a block on “knee jerk reactions” and to hold an inquiry.
This is, after all, the politician’s favourite alternative to actually doing something.


It was equally obvious that David Cameron would have to respond to the anger expressed through the social media and in articles by Newspaper columnists.


But already we are hearing even from his own cabinet talk of bringing the experts to solve the situation.


The same experts, who have presided over the growth of gangland and drug culture.


The same experts who have overseen dozens of gangland murders and murders of innocent bystanders.


Who have mentored and counselled those involved in numerous acts of violence, including gang rapes for far too long, now.
It is 17 years since the knifing of Headmaster Philip Lawrence. 11 years since that of Damilola Taylor.


That’s just two examples in far too long a period of expert’s making a living with their social experimentation.


The people texting into the forums aren’t calling for a knee jerk reaction. They are calling for a long awaited effective action against a situation, which has culminated in wildfire rioting and uncontrolled mayhem.
Still we hear phrases such as “we know what works”, “We need the Health sector and School sector to get involved”. (i.e. share  out the responsibility and hence the future blame)
No mention of Prison Terms, perhaps not even for those who murdered during the riots. Instead we are hearing phrases such as “he was caught up in the excitement of the mob”.
It will be significant to see, in six months time, what actions, other than talking shops and publications of reports, have been taken.
To see whether the taunts of one of the looters will prove true. The taunt that nothing will happen to him, because the prisons are full.
If the result is more of what we have seen since 1995, then good luck, for next Summer, to High Street shops, hoping to renew their insurances.

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