Chorley car park: caught out

I got caught out in what I thought was a free car park in Chorley. Paid it but not happy about it so I sent this to : <>
Having never used your town centre car park before, I was unpleasantly surprised to find, on returning to my car, that it was a pay and display car park.

If it had been clear that it was not a free car park to encourage visitors, I would have paid the 70p fee for the brief period it took me to do a spot of shopping.

As it is I have paid the fixed penalty notice of £25 :

(The reference number for this payment is 568064.Authorisation code: 444458153. This following information relates to this payment: Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) Number: CY02080238)

That I will never visit again is probably immaterial as this will cover over 360 visits, which would have been unlikely to happen, but I do wish to point out that I think the lack of prominent (usually garish yellow) signage (yes I did see the tariffs, once I realised that I had been caught out; although I left having not spotted the payment machines) hints of intentional scamming, which even private car parks no longer try to get away with.

I realise that Chorley has pretensions of gentility and you may not wish to have horrid commercial signage but as you are engaged in the mercenary practice of gouging visitors, this claim, should you make it, would be hypocritical.

I appreciate that Council revenue is a one-way street and so I am not expecting or anticipating a refund. I merely state that I will be posting a copy of this email on my blog ( in the hope of some payback by way of warning off anyone else thinking of visiting your small market town.


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