stock markets need up-dating

Fullermoney highlights the ability of electronics based share dealing to develop algorithms that can take advantage of volatile markets such as we have seen recently.
Whilst stock markets serve a useful purpose in matching sellers and buyers, the 19th century trading room situation is exploitable by those who serve no useful function and hence damage Society by stealing from it.

Like mosquito’s each bite is negligible but large numbers of bites can bleed commerce dry.

I suggest a re-think in terms of a tendering process, which exploits the speed of modern computers.
I.e. Buyers and sellers lay their offers on the table.
Matching occurs and new prices are set, based on the averaged matched price.
The process is repeated in a series of lay and match sessions, lasting 30 seconds.
That would be time enough for humans to make value judgements and short enough to avoid unnecessary delay.
This stop-start process would hinder the ability for computer algorithms to out-think humans, leaving humans to exercise the proper function of the Stock exchange.


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