tandem cars: redesign personal transport

I sometimes have to drive to remote places in a car designed to carry three, possibly four, passengers and luggage.

Same for my wife.

That means two cars (at least, for as long as I can afford it) using energy to move excess car about.

An option would be to do away with passenger seats.

 I don’t know how it would work but it’d be nice if my wife and I had personal cars that could be hitched together for longer journeys.

Each car would have a driver’s seat, with luggage stacked in the space presently occupied by the passenger.

 The driver seat, in my wifes car, would be transferrable to the passenger seat space in my car. Our combined car would then have two people in the front and a large, combined luggage space in the rear.  It might even be possible to combine the power of the two engines and even give it four wheel drive.

Main thing is it would save fuel and cut down on road wear.


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