the riots

I sent this letter to the express on Monday. It seems that they’ve already spread
How far will the riots, which started in Tottenham, spread?
So far, we’ve had condemnations from the local M.P., The Deputy Prime Minister and The Deputy Mayor of London.
Will that be enough?
Will we need more politicians telling us how bad/opportunist/naughty the perpetrators are?
Everyone in the country, including the perpetrators, knows that these are acts of criminality.
We don’t need politicians to tell us this.
We also know that even if the perpetrators are caught, the justice system is incapable of dealing with them.
There have been public complaints, for over a decade, that there are insufficient police, that the CPS only prosecutes those who allow it, that the courts have been hamstrung by ever more lenient “sentencing guidelines” and that prison Governors are finding excuses to free prisoners early.
Despite all these complaints, politicians have refused to build sufficient prisons.
Now we are broke and there’s no one else to borrow the cash from, what can the politicians do except pray that it will all go away?
The Law in this country has been running on Inertia, relying on the compliance of the majority, for too long and, now, we too will have to just hope and pray that the perpetrators have already got more consumer goods than they can use, flog, or set aside as Xmas presents.

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