traffic engineers:emails to Secretaries of State

FAO: Rt Hon Phillip Hammond MP, Secretary of State for Transport
Dear Sir,
I am copying you an email sent to The Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.
 As you can see, I am concerned about the general running of Wigan’s Transport network, which comes under the oversight of your department.
The specific item that prompted this email was the decision to block a road, causing inconvenience to many, for an unprovable and, at best, marginal in improvement of traffic flow on a street that has only become a problem, because of unnecessary earlier road blockages.
Addresses to The Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP.
May I direct your attention to these two items:
The last is obviously personal but reflects a topic on which you have expressed concern. I.e. the motorist hating actions of New Labour.
Wigan being one of those historically entrenched Labour Constituencies, under the aegis of Baron Smith of Leigh, has taken to PFI’s and anti-motorist actions, with unbounded glee.
The instance outlined in my video is but one of many traffic management schemes, perpetrated by Mr. Hargreaves, which have shown a tendency to use models, without recourse to any depth of thought or on the ground appreciation of the effects of his proposals.
As these Network management plans come under the oversight of the DfT, perhaps you could ask them to re-visit these proposals, especially the new plans, outlined in the Wiganonthemove (!) summary featured here
I would appreciate any action that you would take, as congestion in Wigan is being exacerbated by Mr.Hargreaves and it is Central Government that is being blamed.
I, of course, should direct these items to my MP (Yvonne Vofargue), however, notwithstanding her personal integrity, she is committed to supporting the actions of local politicians and Wigan Council, which provides favoured facilities for  Labour politicians.
I will copy this email to your colleague in the DfT, in the hope that he, too, will take notice.

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