Only the threat of revolution checks the rapacity of Capitalists

Britain seems to have avoided revolutions, apart from when the obdurate Charles I was parted from his head, by back-pedalling from oppressive measures, when the scent of revolution stared to drift towards these islands.
In the late 18th Century it was the American War of Independence, the French Revolution and agitation about “The Rights of Man” ( that caused William Pitt to reduce taxes and step back from oppression of the British peasantry. Although commoners had gone as far as flourishing the tricolore in British streets, Revolution was averted and Britain ventured into the iniquities of the Industrial revolution, if you were poor, alt., the Glorious Victorian age, if you were rich.
The end of the Victorian age saw the rich with more money than they knew what to do with and Wall Street went mad. Share prices rose to suck up this excess wealth and even commoners found their meagre investments making them rich, on paper.

The Wall Street Crash and the ensuing Depression saw conditions for the peasants, which were not much above those being suffered in parts of Africa now.

The rich built stronger walls around their houses and lived off their investments in the colonies.

The First World War, arising from squabbles over who owned which colonies, was a chance to kill off the excess peasantry but unfortunately saw the surviving peasantry with gun skills and souls inured to the prospect of dying.
This was what partly lent itself to The Russian Revolution. British soldiers returning to their wretched civilian lifestyles were a cause of great concern to the likes of Churchill (Secretary of State for War), who wanted to help crush the Russian Revolution. The red flag was waved in British streets and trade unionism swayed towards Communism.
Again, revolution was averted by relaxing oppression of the peasantry and encouraging the birth of the Labour Party, with its more moderate leaders.
The Second World War was caused by the greed and bloody mindedness of French Capitalists, which led to the conditions, which could have turned Germany into a Communist State.  

Hitler  presented himself as an alternative.

Financed by German Capitalists and endorsed by some of our own priveleged elite (e.g. Duke of Windsor),  Hitler, it was hoped, would counter Stalin and Communist Russia.

Unfortunately he had his own agenda and Churchill had to support Communist Russia against Hitler.

Even without Japanese imperialism, Churchill would have embroiled the U.S in the war against Hitler and he was quick to ensure that the U.S. remained in Europe as a bulwark against Russian Communism.
Since the collapse of Communism in Russia and China, we have moved rapidly towards the previous status quo and the virtues of Victorianism have been widely promulgated.
Many civil liberties have disappeared and State assets sold off as the Welfare State has been seen as no longer necessary to avoid civil unrest.
I suspect that “the powers that be” believe that the new technology will suffice to police the peasantry  and that a new expanded form of military/police will serve to keep us in our places.
It’s difficult to see the future but the events in Libya  could be the pattern that will shape it.


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