Express: High Street demise

Mr. Pickles lives more in hope than in any real chance of seeing City Centres revitalised.

Labour dominated Councils, such as we have in Wigan, are five years into the processes that will starve City Centres of customers.
Releasing Councils from the directives set down by John Prescott can’t head off the cumbersome machinery that has been created.
Wigan has a new document, inappropriately named “Wigan on the move”. Created by a highly paid officer, appointed for the purpose of effectuating Prescott’s transport policies, and nursed by a doctrinaire Labour leader, Baron Smith of Leigh, its sole aim is to deter motorists from entering the town.
Essentially, it will use its revenue to create pedestrian routes, cycle routes/lanes and bus/lorry lanes into town. Advertising will be used to promote the “healthier” options of walking and cycling, whilst out of town visitors will have a new transport hub, with a park and ride scheme. All arguably praiseworthy.
In the meantime, commuters from Wigan to Liverpool, Manchester etc. will find their congestion problems unresolved, as there will be insufficient funds to create new internal roads to relieve the bottlenecks created centuries back in the days of horse and cart.
Similar situations will be found throughout the old Labour dominated regions, where only public transport, which includes mayoral cars, is deemed socially acceptable and local residents, who work outside the town, are a tiresome irritant, who don’t fit in with Council plans.
With out of town Hypermarkets catering for most shopping needs, with no need to struggle on to public transport, carrying bulky purchases and no preposterously high parking charges (soon to be extended to Sunday’s, to foil those High Street shopkeepers relying on Sunday shopping), why would anyone, who can still afford to run a car, go elsewhere?

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