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Is France  distancing itself from culpability for the Libyan incursion?

In its report on the death of the rebel leader and a possible split in the rebel forces, France 24 news international avoids mention of its own Government’s involvement with phrases such as “United States, Britain and several dozen other nations that have recognized the rebel council as Libya’s legitimate leaders”

In the early days Sarkozy seemed to be pushing Cameron aside to stand next to Obama (albeit on a raised daïs), when announcements were made.

It was certainly made clear that French Jets were doing a lot of shooting up, until there was some blue on blue. As British sources made it clear that their own  fighters were elsewhere, one might believe it was a specific nation’s fighter’s that were involved.

It all looks quite worrying, considering that our future role in Europe seems to be to provide the fighting forces for French Generals and Admirals, directed by a Parliament based in French speaking countries, with French speaking Civil Servants. (Is there really any difference between Belgian and French languages?)


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