lawn peelers

I was clearing a patch of typical English wasteland. I used a machete but that is really more suitable for hacking through jungle vines etc. Although a scythe  is more frequently used, this is really better suited to flat fields and tall grass.

Thinking about ways of doing this. Rather than slicing at the ground or pushing with a hoe, it would be better if you could shave or peel the ground, using a pulling action. Of the two, peeling sounds more promising. If the modern style of peeler (the one shaped like a  a spur with a rotating blade, across the fork) could be made bigger and fitted on a stail, that might be perfect.

Any entrepreneur’s out there want to try it out? I doubt if it’s patentable but this is my copyright and I’m not greedy, so if you’ve got the facilities to make one and it works, you could always contact someone at “dragon’s den” for finance.

Just thought on; you could even fit one on a tractor for those field where there are lumps of plants that the cattle won’t eat.


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