poor cameron

Despite Clinton’s hounding over his avoidance of admitting sexual contact with Monica Lewinsky, Cameron and his advisors didn’t learn the lesson.

Politicians, who try to avoid answering a hard question, by being evasive, can not only be spotted by antagonists and by the General Public, they will be pilloried for being evasive.

The dog that turns its tail excites the chase and becomes a figure of hate. The one that stands its ground is often, although not always, respected.

If Clinton had admitted his action, immediately and claimed that he had confessed to his wife, enough people would have forgiven him. or even respected him, that his detractors would have found it difficult to excite a chase.

If Cameron had admitted that he had discussed Murdoch’s rapacious plans with Rebekah Brookes, he might have achieved the same escape, providing he hadn’t actually connived with Murdoch.

Two morals: “When you sup with the Devil, take a long spoon” and “You can’t fool all the people all the time”.



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