mechanisms for retaining the reins of democracy are needed

I’ve been aware for a long time of the hold that Murdoch has had on our Politicians, as have many others.

It is pleasing that this particular boil is about to be lanced (fingers crossed).

I like it that Ed Miliband has come out against any single person, or group, having control of more than 20% of our media.

He’s identified a mechanism that can be set up to limit  further abuses of Society by this particular form of power seizure.

But now we need others to come forward with other mechanisms to protect us from other ways in which the reins of power can be gathered up by the corrupt and greedy.

We haven’t really sorted out MP’s awarding themselves greater and greater wealth, via allegedly independent assessors.

Even now they are congratulating themselves on joining the pack in bringing Murdoch down, despite having years to initiate the kill themselves. They had two of Murdoch’s acolytes admit to bribery and corruption of police officers, yet did nothing. 

These self-serving reptiles are complaining that measures to rob the pension funds of other public servants should not apply to themselves. Despite retaining a final pension scheme, they are whinging about being asked to increase their own contribution from 3% to 5%.

A mechanism linking MP’s pay and conditions to those of other public Sector workers is well overdue.

I like the idea of limiting top salaries (inclusive of bonuses, perks and similar devices) within a particular sphere to a multiple of that of the lowest paid.

This mechanism could be extended to bankers and other businesses, reducing the present rush to achieve bonuses by swelling the ranks of the unemployed. High unemployment does not help Society and, in the long run reduces sales and defeating the intended purpose of increasing profitability. (my reduced Labour cost is your reduced Sales revenue and vice versa).

The damage caused by  fatherless families needs a new mechanism for preventing child poverty. Something more suitable than rewarding feckless females with a lifelong pension in exchange for allowing some mindless yob to get a leg-over.


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